Sunday, January 30, 2011

Forties Foray...

Marian Marsh

At Hawke headquarters, the 1940's is fast becoming one of the all time favourite eras of dressing.  For ladies fashion this was the golden era  of feminine tailoring, tasteful gathering, striking silhouettes, nipped wasp waists and a fully finished look.  Skirts were a respectable length, jackets had form, fit and sometimes little peplums, and your gloves and bag were just as important as your perfect hair, lips and hat! 

While it may have been a time of great difficulty for many, the fashions of this era represent an appreciation for a strong yet lady like aesthetic which is still relevant over 70 years later.  I will be trying my very best to bring some 40's foray pieces into the store this year, it is pretty hard to come across these days in New Zealand but when I do oh what a treat it will be!

French ladies stepping out with their hair dyed for the first time post WWII (1945)

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