Friday, July 30, 2010

The Count of Cool

This gentleman is ready for anything that the day may bring, smooed out to the nines and ready to boogie if someone walks past with a ghetto blaster, charm swooning girls with his magic tricks, go to band practice with Ray Charles, or jump over a barbed wire fence on his motorbike.

Dear Ladies...Sneak Peek - The Soiree

Sweet Petite Crochet Vest

Here is a sneak peek at some of the Ladies collection which will be for sale when the store launches soon.  This collection is all about dressing up no matter what the day, night or occassion, and having fun in your outfits.  It's also about pieces which you can easily integrate into your wardrobe as well as the occassional wow dress.   The very best will be previewed right before the store opening including some 50's style dresses so keep an eye out!  Every single day should be a soiree....

We Love Winter Woolen Dress

Minnie Mouse Party Dress

Velvet Belle Cape Jacket

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Eyes Have it

Alexander McQueen 07/08

Cleopatra style eye makeup - super intense but if done properly and subtly can be timeless.  It's all about practice and a steady hand, not rushing and applying liquid eyeliner slowly as you build confidence with it. 

I have never used a gel or creme eyeliner before but i'd imagine they'd work really well with an angled brush, and it can be good to draw a line to follow with a pencil eyeliner first.  If you're really brave or going to a costume themed evening you could even try the eyebrow, a wig, headdress and a snake.  That would surely be a fun night!

Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra, 1963

Pretty as a Picture

Monday, July 12, 2010

Uber Favourites - Surrealist Max Ernst

Max Ernst

After reading a book about Max Ernst last year, it made such a huge impact.  The drawings, detail and diversity of his work is like a world within the world; and as Surreal as finding a parallel universe within your daily life. 

A graphic novel of his published in 1934 entitled Une Semaine De Bonte (A Week of Goodness) uses illustrations from Victorian encyclopaedias to create collages of the coolest people animal scene mixes, it's an incomprehensible awesome project / next level by any decades standards and cannot be topped to this day!   

Max Ernst - Collages from Une Semaine De Bonte

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Scuba is Coming...

A techno / electronica musician Based in Berlin, Scuba is coming to Wellington on Friday.  I have been excited about this gig for the last 3 months (I'm all for working myself up for such events ha!)  We are eagerly anticipating Scuba's arrival & have posted some sea themed photos as appreciation.  If you live in Wellington too do come along, it will be so fun.  Come and swirl and twirl around like a mermaid or dress up like your favourite sea creature, go on!

Hanging Out for Haight Ashbury

I watched a really interesting documentary all about Haight Ashbury and the peace love movement which inevitably turned to extreme junkie carnage.  There are meant to be amazing stores there today as i'm sure you can imagine filled with clothing & memories from past eras.  I hope to go to lots of different parts of the states one day and thrift to my hearts content in an old Cadillac.  How fun would that be?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Surreal Rainy Day

Rene Magritte - Golconde 1953

The Stars of the 40's - Joan Bennett

Joan Bennett is a fine example of 40's movie star beauty, and a look which is so impeccably polished!  I hope you enjoy these photos of one of my new all time favourites.  Her look is kind of like a natural progression from Parisian flapper, and very noir.  I will keep Miss Bennett in mind when hawkeing things for the store.  It is always inspiring to see somebody who can pull off the chameleon, almost a totally different person when they change their look or hair colour, yet instantly own it with timeless grace. 

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Serial Collector Sir John Soane

Sir John Soane was an Architect born in 1753 who enjoyed a long and distinguished career. He was a man with an eye for a good curiosity, the classical proportion and was a serial collector of everything you could probably think of that was associated with Pre Victorian quality and craft.

His house is now a museum in London, I wonder what it's like to be inside such an insane collection of all sorts?  If you thought you had some problems regarding never throwing things away, this Sir will make you feel way better about your comparatively clutter free life.  Hopefully...

Dear Ladies... The Soiree

What would your dream outfit be to a 20's soiree?  How could you possibly choose!

I know there has been some serious waiting involved when it has come to having up and running, it's not too far off now and its all hands on deck.  I have been vacationing whilst remaining at home and doing the serial parts like planning etc over the last few weeks.  Now there are little elves, a pack of wolves, a photographer by the name of Eagle Eyes and hard working web wizards helping to get it ready to go! 

There will be some sneak peak photos at what is in store for the Ladies collection very very soon, promise!  Your collection will consist of a mix up of styles from the 60's, 70's, 80's and a very special cape or 2, one which is from around 1900. 

I'm still on the hunt for a few 50's New Look style dresses if you have a super special Soiree to attend, or you like to dress up because it's Monday, or any day ending with a y for that matter.  Yay if that's your reason!  Every time I see one I want to keep it hehe. Not long now little pretties!  In the mean time here are some images I have kept in mind when thinking of your collection....

What you would like to wear to a few drinks followed by dancing and twirling

A vintage Dior ad, even though the woman looks like a difficult madam

Your outfit if you wanted to party like it was 1965

Got to go to... Romania

After finding this photo of Transylvania it is a got to go now.  If it is anything like this photo geez I even want to live there forever, in a little house that is 321 years old