Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Flapper Fineries

Dripping in beads, lace and jewels, the flappers of the 20's and 30's shimmied their worries away after such dark times post WWI, and revolutionised the way Women dressed.   Nothing can quite beat their evening style; with cigarette holders, shiny bobs, fringing, bow lips and stockings essential accessories for any night out.  Imagine how much fun it would have been to be a part of this golden era?

This photograph makes you wonder whether this flapper was dressed up for a day of lounging; or was she relaxing after an all nighter?  Either way it's amazing right! 


  1. my favorite era! do you know what kind of stockings did they wear?

  2. Hi Masha! Such an amazing era definatley one of my favourites too! Flappers often wore flesh coloured silk or rayon stockings which they would roll and twist at the tops just above the knee so they didn't have to wear garter belts :)


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