Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday's Mission

At Hawke Headquarters, this week is going to be all about good food, good music and work work work work work.  I look forward to making further progress to share with you and showcasing some of the shops collections to see what you think!  

The website has been designed, it now needs to be turned into a functional whizz click web machine so you can peruse the wares on offer with ease, exciting times.  I hope you have a lovely week that is prosperous and productive, and if you are in New Zealand are enjoying the cherry blossoms and magnolias, or further afield loving Autumn / Fall and all the beautiful colours it brings.  

Wednesday will be the day to check back for more previews of the shops collection, particularly Gentlemen's wear as Hawke's in house mannequin named Monsieur Muchacho can now show you how it would fit, shawee!  

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