Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weekend Wind Up - Good and Late

I was given a CD yesterday of a band called My Life With The Thrill Kill Cult, it is such awesomely fun swingy musical genius which makes you want to jump around; sheer excellence. A real eye opener to a whole new genre of music I never knew existed! 

The first song summed up what fun this weekend could be.  If your plan is to "go anywhere as long as we stay out good and late" you're sure to have fun right?  If you stay out late you should be having a good time!  I hope you have adventurous events planned for some kind of weekend carnage in any shape or form, and stay out good and late with your dancing shoes at the ready.

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  1. Nice. The 'Machines of Loving Grace' were another band of that era that only saw the light of day thanks to the original 'Crow' soundtrack. For a more modern, more pop, more now take on this sound - try the 'Horror-Pops'. Snappy, melodic 2 minute 30 pure-pop dancing on a straight edge razor with more than a passing nod to the 'Thrill Killers'. Good fun for an occasional spin and even if the music dont hit yer sweet spot - check out a few band pics to wow the fashionista in you! ...Finally, speaking of bands that should be seen and not heard - check out some band pics of Civet in full stage regalia. Amazing fashion sense, pity about the sound (think post-Cobain 'Hole' meets 'Bikini Kill'?) Both these bands can/or could at some point in their respectice careers be found on Tim Armstrongs 'Hellcat' label. Anyhoo, enough of my musings. Enjoy. Keep up the nice work, - Dirk, music dept head: SCAB. (Suicidal Citizens Advice Bureau)


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