Monday, August 30, 2010

History of The Hawke I

Long long before Vintage Hawke was dreamed up over a love of vintage clothing & a desire to share it with others, in lands far away from New Zealand, there has been a long standing tradition in certain nationalities to practice hawking, also known as falconry.  It involves training Red Tailed, Harris Hawkes or Eagles to hunt for prey for humans. 

I saw the most wonderous documentary about an 86 year old man who hunted with his Hawk every day, it was just amazing to watch man and bird have such close affinity for each other! 

Until its a reality to live in remote continents with indigenous people and learn the art of hawking, taxidermed Hawke with an e named Herbie is the right hand Hawke and shop name inspiration.  Photos following of the bird who started it all in part II...

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