Monday, August 16, 2010

Dear Gentlemen...Cufflinks 101

As fine gentlemen know all too well, men's dressing is about the detail. This comes into play nowhere more so than when it's time to dress up & look sharper than a shark fin. The cufflink is a subtle accessory which will add the finishing touch to your suave self. Clark confirmed this train of thought...

Clark Gable and his Cufflinks

Cufflinks originated from strings which were used to tie ruffle shirt sleeves together in the 1600's (think the pied piper), and then eventually in the 19th century morphed into what they are today.  The original cufflink was called a bouchon de manchette and were glass buttons joined together by little chains. 

When selecting your cufflink of choice (and some will be available on when the store opens yay) the options are limited only to your imagination dear sir, from crocodiles and panthers, to the perfect deco style streamlined jet or a simple silver bar, you can wear your personality on your sleeve.

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