Friday, June 4, 2010

Dear Gentlemen....Military Muchacho

Vintage Hawke Military Muchacho Jacket

Military issue paraphernalia has always been something which I love when it comes to clothes, hats, bags and boots for men, particularly from WWI & II. One of my favourite bags is a little Czechoslovakian gas mask bag I got from an army surplus store, it came with a secret pocket that had a miniature box with a block of the most extreme glyceriney brown soap in it!

There is something unmistakeably definite about the way military issue clothing is constructed and tailored, the epaulette features, the shiny buttons and the exaggerated pockets to hold all the little medals and badges, the fabric and beautiful quality. I will be stocking the store with as much authentic military clothing that fits the criteria that I can find, because it will last forever and will more than likely have an epic tale of adventurous carnage to share with you, it will be like your jacket equivalent of your good friend who has all those rad stories! (I'm looking at you dear fiendish Mr McEnteer)

The wait is almost over for the rest of The Big Bands collection sneak preview, what a wait it has been! Nothing like a bit of anticipation right?

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